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Suzanne Ramié - Atelier Madoura

A Solo Exhibition of over 80 ceramics and drawings.

Dec. 2019

The French Riviera Art de Vivre 

Exhibition of Post-War ceramics and furniture executed in the South of France between the 40's and 70's.

Jan. 2020

Antoine de Vinck & Les 2 Potiers

Exhibition of sculptures by Antoine de Vinck together with a collection of 16 tables by Les 2 Potiers.

June 2019

Jean Cocteau

A Solo Exhibition of over 75 ceramics and drawings.

Dec. 2018

Robert Deblander - Les Mosaiques

Exhibition of 13 tables executed between 1957-1966 Together with a collection of ceramics by Eugene Fidler.

June 2018


A collection of furniture by Jacques Quinet, Fiber sculpture by Magdalena Abakanowicz.

Dec. 2017

FOG Design+Art

Furniture by Michel Boyer, Sculptures and drawings by Bernar Venet, Vassilis Takis and ceramics from Vallauris by Suzanne Ramie, Roger Capron, etc.

Jan. 2017

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